PYLUSD honors Special Olympians, gives “Advantage” award to Wendy McGinnis

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, the PYLUSD Board of Education honored 17 special education students who recently participated and/or medaled in the 2016 Special Olympics Regional and Summer Games.

Students participated in the following events:


  • Noah Academia: Valencia High School
  • Sean Boots: Esperanza High School
  • Zachary Chikulo: Tynes Elementary School
  • Tony Gracia: George Key School
  • Arie Horn: George Key School
  • Antonio Perez: El Dorado High School
  • Bella Nassar: Tynes Elementary School
  • Lian Nassar: Tynes Elementary School
  • Ivan Ramos: Valencia High School
  • Ayden Downen: Fairmont Elementary School


  • April Clark: George Key School
  • Stephanie Monroy: Valencia High School
  • Allie Parizino: Esperanza High School
  • Emily Wright: Valencia High School


  • Isabella Dominguez: Yorba Linda Middle School
  • Danielle Lichtenwalter: Yorba Linda Middle School
  • Molly Ormiston: Kraemer Middle School
  • Congratulations to our Special Olympians!

Wendy McGinnis: “You Are the Advantage”
Additionally, the Board presented PYLUSD Adapted PE Specialist Wendy McGinnis with the district’s prestigious “You Are The Advantage” award. Wendy’s devotion to special education students exemplifies the district’s core values of excellence, collaboration, and integrity.

Since September 1993, Wendy has taught adapted physical education (PE) for infants to adult transition. She is currently the PYLUSD department chair for the adapted PE specialists. She is also the local program coordinator for the Orange County PYLUSD Special Olympics team. Wendy has coached the gymnastics, bowling and track teams, and has impressively led over 300 athletes in the Special Olympic games for 20 years.

Her commitment and passion for special education students is second to none. Congratulations to Wendy for earning this distinction!

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