Tuffree reaches out to French students affected by Paris terror attacks

Last November, students at Tuffree Middle School engaged in a support movement for victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Immediately following the tragic events, they held a school-wide “Peace for Paris” day in which the entire student body wore red, white and blue, and took a picture in the shape of the French flag.

But they didn’t stop there.

Tuffree’s associated student body (ASB) leadership team and students in the school’s Falcon Film class worked with their teacher, Mr. Charles Reta, to create a video with personal messages of support.

Counselor Jane Ollard, working with school secretaries who researched middle schools in Paris, contacted over 20 schools in France, and emailed them the finished video:

Marymount International School in Paris received the message, and was very touched by the compassion demonstrated by Tuffree students. The Marymount students and their teacher, Ms. Corrine Chapon, then created a response video message for Tuffree, thanking them for their support:

Ms. Chapon showed both videos as part of a school-wide assembly last week in Paris. Tuffree will be doing the same this week at a spirit assembly on Friday, Feb. 5, at 12:45 p.m.

Additionally, the Embassy of the United States in Paris thanked Tuffree Middle School for its efforts in reaching out to Paris students in this email (PDF).

This video project has been a rewarding and meaningful experience for the entire school.

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  1. C’est une bonne chose que vous avez fait!

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