The Explorers travel back in time for Colonial Day at Bryant Ranch School

Colonial Day at Bryant.

Each year, Bryant Ranch 5th graders travel back in time to the colonial era and participate in a day-long, living history event, known as Colonial Day. The school’s 5th grade teachers prepare and plan for hands-on workshops, giving students a true taste of life in early America.

Teachers, students, and volunteers come decked out in proper colonial attire to further set the stage for the day. With the help of many parent, grandparents,  and community volunteers, students rotate through interactive stations that include crafts, trades, games, food, and daily chores of early Americans. From candle making to tinning, doll making and dancing, students are brought back to the colonial time period gaining an awareness of the nation’s past and an appreciation for life in another time period.

Students work up a real appetite through their hard work and are treated to a realistic colonial “dinner” including stew, corn bread, pickles, and apple cider. This engaging and interactive experience is one that students forever remember at Bryant Ranch School!

Colonial Day at Bryant. Colonial Day at Bryant.

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