Bernardo Yorba AVID students have their sights set on college!

Bernardo Yorba AVID.

Bernardo Yorba Middle School’s AVID Program is all about college as their 8th graders celebrate success with their culminating event: College Night!

To prepare for this much-anticipated evening, each student selected their “dream” university and a major. They then conducted weeks of research to become experts on every aspect of college life, including tuition and fees, housing, major requirements, college life and much more.

Projects were presented in an evening event where families enjoyed hearing about their students’ research and all the meticulous details that it takes to be successful at a 4-year university. AVID medals for promotion were also awarded during this time.

AVID teachers Mrs. Cyrus and Mrs. Swarm were so proud to send off their 4th class of AVID 8th graders to pursue their high school and college dreams!

Bernardo Yorba AVID. Bernardo Yorba AVID.

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