Buena Vista Virtual Academy Students App Creative Skills to Win Contest Hosted by Adobe

Buena Vista students with teacher Amy DeFriese wearing their new beanies courtesy of Adobe.

High school students at Buena Vista Virtual Academy participated in Adobe for Education’s November Creative Challenge contest and won! While using their district accounts in Adobe Express, students followed the contest prompt and used the enabled AI features to create a unique alter-ego creature creation. The AI text-to-image tool generated their images on command and they experimented with different styles and options in the ‘Content type’ menu to create a different look and feel for their alter-ego.

The activity was a part of the Hybrid program’s Wellness Wednesdays, led by teacher Amy De Friese, where students complete activities and exercises that include practicing creative expression, goal setting, self reflection, and low-stake social engagement. All student participants recently received a red beanie with the Adobe Express logo as their prize. 

According to Amy DeFriese, who led the contest project, “while some students are intimidated when beginning any project, the AI tool allowed students to engage immediately. The use of AI requires students to closely review the generated outcome as details can be disjointed or muddied, which promotes analytical reflection for accuracy and revision. For instance, on their first attempt, the number of arms or paws on a creature was incorrect and/or directionally misplaced.”

Ms. DeFriese is just one reason that Buena Vista Virtual Academy is one of the top 10 online public schools in the United States.

Take a look at some of the students’ alter ego creatures below:

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