Tuffree’s History Night a smashing success

On Thursday, Feb. 23, over 300 students, families and community members attended History Night at Tuffree Middle School. This was the culminating history project for all gifted and talented education (GATE) and honors students. It was set up like a science fair, where each student had to dress up, have a visual display and talk about what they learned by doing their project. Guests walked from exhibit to exhibit listening to students share their stories. The depth and complexity of these projects, combined with the passion each student had for their topic, was striking. Topics included influential people in history, significant cultural shifts and historical events. Examples included Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, the Greensboro sit-ins, Frederick Douglass, women’s suffrage, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson and the Peasants’ Revolt, to name a few. It was a great evening!

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