Sophomore Academic Decathlon team at Valencia High School earned first in Superquiz, second overall

Valencia High Sophomore Academic Decathlon 6-6-19

Congratulations to all of the members of the Valencia High School sophomore Academic Decathlon team. They tied for first place in the Superquiz competition and were second in the Overall competition.

“This was an outstanding performance and one of the best we have had with our sophomores for a long time,” Academic Decathlon Coach Sam Myovich said.¬†“We look forward to seeing how this team develops over the next two years!”

Extraordinary individual performance included the following:

  • Izabella Padilla dominated the Varsity category of competitors by taking first place overall. Her medals included first place awards in Literature, Music, and Art. She had a second place medal in Social Science; third place medals in Science and Essay, and a fifth place medal in Math!
  • Nundini Varshney took second place in the Scholastic category. She took first in Math, Second in Art, attained third place medals in Social Science, Music, and Science; and a fourth place medal in Literature.
  • Catherine Park had an exceptional performance in the most challenging catetory of competitiors. In the Honors category she took third overall. She received third place medals in Art, Music, and Social Science; a fourth place in Science; and fifth place awards in Literature and Mathematics.
  • Jazlynn Marin finished overall in fourth place in the Varsity category. She received a first place medal in Speech, second place in Art and Literature; third place in Music; fourth in Math, and fifth in Essay.
  • Jack Garcia was the fifth place overall individual honoree in the Scholastic category. His medals included a second place in Science, Third place in Art, and fifth place medals in Literature and Essay.

Other medalists included

  • Alex Lobertini with a third place medal in Art, fourth in Music, and fifth place medals in Social Science and Literature.
  • Aqil Naeem, with a second place in Social Science and a Third in Math.
  • Emily Kim, with a first place medal in Speech.
  • Dominique Hemedez with fourth place medals in Literature, Music, and Art.
  • Shweta Shah, who received a fourth place award in Art.
  • Brendan Wong, who took second in Math.
  • Andrew Yang, who was fourth place in Math.
  • Riana Villacampa competed in the toughest category, but fell just short of medaling in a couple of categories.

All of the members of the team represented Tiger spirit throughout! The team is coached by Kay Kerby, Tara Filowitz, Mindy Foote, Calen Rau, and Sam Myovich.

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