Second Annual Battle of the Books at Golden Elementary School Promotes Literacy and Fun Across Campus

Golden Elementary School Students compete in Battle of the Books

On Wednesday, February 7, students from Golden Elementary School spanning grades 4th through 6th, eagerly gathered to partake in the 2nd Annual Battle of the Books competition. This event, a fusion of literary enthusiasm and friendly rivalry, aimed to instill a passion for reading amongst its participants. With over 150 students forming teams of four to six members, comprising a mix of grades, the stage was set for an intellectually stimulating showdown. Their task? To field questions about 20 carefully selected books from diverse genres, which they had diligently devoured since November.

The atmosphere crackled with excitement as the competition commenced. Gracing the kick-off event was the esteemed presence of the Mayor of Placentia, Jeremy Yamaguchi, who extended words of encouragement and well wishes to all contenders, setting the tone for a spirited contest ahead.

In preparation for the event, Golden’s devoted educators dedicated months to immersing themselves in an array of literary works, meticulously crafting questions to test the participants’ comprehension and analytical skills. Their dual roles as both mentors and facilitators added an extra layer of dedication to the proceedings.

Each team underwent a rigorous practice round before starting the competition. Employing a single-elimination format, teams faced off against each other, with 15-20 probing questions per round determining their fate. The tension mounted with each round, as teams closer and closer to the finals.

In the end, it was a triumphant quartet consisting of students Emily Pereira as team captain, alongside teammates Kailee Chang, Eme Jans, and Avery Landi, who emerged victorious. The runners-up, including students Ishanvi Desaneni, Chloe Hua, Samantha Jackson, Jiya Patel, and Julianne Sumarsono, claimed second place honors, their commendable efforts duly recognized.

Every participant, regardless of the outcome, received acknowledgment for their dedication and enthusiasm, rewarded with participation prizes as tokens of appreciation. Golden Elementary School staff and students alike eagerly await another thrilling installment of literature and friendly competition next year.

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