AVID Family STEM Night Propels Rio Vista Elementary School into the Galaxies of Science

On March 7, 2024, Rio Vista Elementary School hosted another AVID Family STEM Night, generously sponsored by the National PTA and the Rio Vista PTA. The event drew in over 400 community members who eagerly participated in the “Light Speed Star SCIENCE Wars” STEM challenges. Guided by the school’s PTA members and assisted by Valencia High School student volunteers, families immersed themselves in an evening of scientific exploration and discovery.

Before kicking off into the challenge stations, attendees were treated to insights into the connections between AVID STEM skills and future career opportunities. Through engaging presentations, families learned how the problem-solving abilities honed during STEM challenges could pave the way for success in higher education and careers. Further reinforcing this message were 25 AVID Ambassadors from Valadez Middle School Academy, many of whom were former Rio Vista Leopards, proudly showcasing the continuum of the AVID program from elementary through to middle and high school.

Attendees eagerly awaited the opening of the challenge stations, with anticipation heightened by the promise of door prizes and a complimentary dinner. Families lent their support to a worthy cause by participating in a food and drink fundraiser organized by the 5th grade class, which will contribute to their educational endeavors.

Against the backdrop of space-themed challenges including the Parachute Challenge, RocketLego Challenge, and Constellation Creation Challenge, participants found themselves transported into a realm of imagination and innovation. Even the rain, which made an unexpected appearance, served to enhance the galactic atmosphere, accompanied by the melodies of Star Wars music. Undeterred by the weather, families collaborated and problem-solved, fostering a sense of camaraderie and excitement throughout the evening.

It’s clear that the spirit of exploration and discovery was alive and thriving at Rio Vista Elementary School!

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