Academic WorldQuest Triumph: El Dorado High School’s 3-Peat Victory

The Academic WorldQuest team from El Dorado High

On Saturday, March 16, the Academic WorldQuest team from El Dorado High School achieved an extraordinary feat—a remarkable 3-peat victory in the local Orange County competition! Students Marlowe Snapp, Arya Darvish, Greeva Ramani, and Bailey Alam, under the guidance of their mentors, once again clinched the top spot, showcasing their exceptional knowledge of international affairs, current events, human geography, world history, and culture. They will travel to Washington D.C. for the third year in a row to compete in the National WorldQuest competition representing El Dorado, Placentia-Yorba Linda, and Orange County!

The journey to victory was not without its challenges. Facing stiff competition from other schools, the El Dorado team displayed unwavering determination and resilience. The stakes were high, but their preparation and dedication proved paramount.

In addition to the triumphant performance of the seasoned veterans, another El Dorado team made an impressive mark on the competition. The sophomore team comprised of Zoe Kim, Reislyn Miller, Ava Smith, and Kelsey Bae showcased their talent and potential, clinching a commendable third-place finish. Their tenacity and teamwork were evident as they navigated through the intense rounds of questioning.

The final showdown came down to a dramatic sudden death round, where El Dorado’s sophomore team found themselves locked in a tense battle with Marina High School for the coveted second-place spot. In a nail-biting finish, Marina emerged victorious, securing their position in second place. Nonetheless, the El Dorado team’s performance was nothing short of exceptional, earning them a well-deserved third-place finish.

The achievements of both El Dorado teams are a testament to their hard work, dedication, and intellectual prowess. They have not only brought glory to their school but have also showcased the talent and potential of young minds in Orange County. As they prepare to embark on their journey to Washington D.C. for the National WorldQuest competition, they carry with them the hopes and aspirations of their community. Way to go, Hawks!

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